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You seem tense. || Elisha


"Really?" Theo didn’t know if he looked more confident than before; he never really thought about it until Elisha mentioned that to him. However, her next question caught him off-guard. Contacts? "No, I never wore them." He frowned, tilting his head to the side. "What is it? Something wrong with my eyes?"

"Not wrong. It’s quite beautiful actually. Mesmerising. They just go this deep purple shade when you get annoyed. Sometimes I wind you up just so I can see it." She replied, pulling on her underwear before she stood, placing an kiss on his cheek.

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Beth held Ellie’s face in her hands and wiped at the tears that slid down her porcelain skin, fixing her making as she did so and kissing her eyes. 

"He’s not going to come after us.. I don’t know if he’s alive or dead.. he’s the kind of guy who could fake his death perfectly.. but he won’t come.. and if he does, he’ll have to go through me before he’ll ever even look at you." Beth assured her, kissing along her hair, "I love you, El.. I refuse to let a soul hurt you." Beth’s fingers tangled in Ellie’s hair, stroking her softly, and nuzzling her. 

Ellie nodded slowly, pulling herself from Beth’s grasp as she rubbed her own eyes. Come with me tonight? I don’t want you to be alone, is all. Hey… I heard that the theatre nearby is holding auditions for Chicago… Maybe you should audition? You can dance and sing, and you know the characters better than the writers of it themselves. She offered with an small smile, standing as she rummaged in her wardrobe for something to wear.

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When Ellie let out a blood-curling scream, Beth jumped and leaned over Ellie, rubbing her back and taking the small girl into her arms, hugging her close to her chest.

"I’ve got you.." Beth assured her, stroking her hair and kissing her tears away as she held her, whispering to her, "Everything will be okay, my love.. Beautiful, everything will be alright.."

Ellie curled up within Beth’s embrace, unable to stop the tears which ran down her cheeks, smudging her makeup entirely. “H-He… He… He’s a.. Alive.. Beth… N-Not.. De… Dead.” She choked out, referring to her deceased father. To this day, she was still petrified of him, even more so as she had gone against his wished entirely. He’d kill them both. “He’s… Gonna… Hurt you.. And me… We… He… He’s coming, isn’t he?”

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Beth walked into the bedroom and smiled, setting the mug of coffee on the nightstand before taking her spot next to Ellie, playing with her hair and kissing her head and curling up next to her sleeping form. She hummed a lullaby, speaking soft words. Every moment, Beth was paranoid that Ellie would run off for someone better and leave her alone. The only reassurance she had was that Ellie was still here.

No matter how hard they had tried - visiting doctors, psychoanalysts, seeing specialists - no one could help Ellie’s nightmares. They had suggested for her to visit an overnight clinic, but she refused almost immediately. Luckily, the medication she was on seemed to lower the rate of them, but when they came, they were much worse than normal. She found herself tossing in Beth’s grasp, rolling from the girl as she squirmed and writhed against the sheets within her sleep. She woke with an loud scream before she begun to sob into the pillows.

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Beth moaned happily as Ellie ran her hands along her body, Beth’s palm sliding along Ellie’s chest until she moved away.

"Who you going to meet?" Beth asked her she took the mug from Ellie, adding her sugar and creamer to it before taking a sip, watching her closely as she could still practically feel her touch.

"Jack. He used to teach me ballet." Elisha explained with an warm grin, holding the mug tightly within her hands. "I’m going to go put something more comfortable on for now. This dress has been riding up my legs for the entire day and it’s bloody irritating." She laughed, walking out the room as she sent upstairs to their bedroom. As soon as she saw the bed, she realised how tired she was. For most of the day she’d been completely run from her feet and she certainly wasn’t used to try heavy workload. With a yawn, she kicked off her shoes and curled up beneath the sheets with the decision to take only an nap.

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"Why? I love her just as much as you do. I’m not that scary am i?" Beth asked softly, sighing and looking at the kettle as it made them coffee. Beth honestly preferred it on the stove instead of in a maker.

"I’m glad your day was good." Beth smiled, leaning forward and taking the girl’s face in her hands, kissing her deeply and lovingly.

"I love having the ability to do that every morning, noon, and night." She grinned.

Ellie always felt something strange when Beth kissed her. She wasn’t a sure whether it was pleasure, or pain, but it was like something twisting deep inside of her. Every-time it happened she ignored it, but sooner or later Beth would inquire as to why the girl never returned the kisses quite as passionately. “Yeah? Well. So do I. Oh, I don’t suppose we could have an early dinner? I promised an friend I’d meet him at the dance studios down the road, said he wanted to talk or whatnot. I’ll make it up to you later, I promise.” She replied with an smirk, trailing an hand across Beth’s waist before upwards, narrowly skinning the girl’s chest before the redhead eventually pulled away to pour out their coffees.

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Beth ran downstairs, smiling at Ellie as she held her hands back, hugging the girl with just her arms making sure not to get paint on her dress.

"How was your day?" Beth asked her, kissing her cheek softly before she walked into the kitchen, washing her hands and getting off all of the paint.

"It’s been pretty boring around here, though the cat got splattered with a little paint and decided to claw me when I went to wash it off before it did any damage." Beth said, rolling her eyes.

"This is exactly the reason we need an piano. I want our Aristocats moment with our little darling." Ellie teased with an wide grin, clattering into the kitchen after Beth as she switched the kettle on to make them both some coffee. "Where’s the sweetheart now? I think she’s scared of you, because she adores me bathing her." She teased, leaning against the kitchen side next to Elizabeth before she grabbed a bar of chocolate from the side and broke off a square. "It was really good actually. The staff are nice and the teenagers are exactly what you’d expect. It was wondrous to see their little faces when they resided their crappy supply had been replaced with myself. I don’t think any of them had done work for months before I came."

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Ellie was completely knackered when she finally made her way through the door. It was her first day at the secondary school which she had begun teaching in, and it was evident that she had enjoyed it from the beaming, if tired, grin that was smothered across her features. Her and Beth had settled in England within an small, but luscious house soon after Aaron and Dean left the two of them to find their own pathways. Thus, the two women had begun living together within their new home for just an few months. However, even this short amount of time transformed their friendship into an relationship.

"Elizabeth?" Ellie called softly, hanging her coat by the front door. She didn’t bother to take her heels off however - it was an habit of hers. Quite often she would spend her entire day in some form of backbreakingly tall footwear, but the redhead persistently claimed that she comfortable enough. It seemed as if her job had changed her appearance entirely. Instead of looking sweet and young, Ellie looked completely smart and sophisticated, wearing an simple dress which emphasised her slimness - without it being too obvious - an cardigan, and her obvious shoes. Once again, she called out for Beth, whom was probably tucked within her small studio in their spare bedroom creating her artwork.

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Perfect. The one, singular most thing that Ellie had been attempting to achieve her entire life. Even now, her father’s words still drummed within her - that she wasn’t an true woman unless she was an flawless one. Blake never called her that. Beautiful, intelligent, smart. He…

"You run fast. You don’t even look tired from moving that quickly." Ellie commented with an grin, though looked at him with confused eyes. He’d practically sprinted across his garden, yet even his breathing remained at a regular pace. Strange. The beauty of the surroundings took her mind away from it all though - the lights twinkling ever so delicately within the darkness. "This is amazing, Alex. Thank you. Much better than that ghastly restaurant anyhow." She complimented before taking an seat.

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